Shuffleboard Rules

The Dutch Shuffleboard rules are explained to you in an easy way. Most people make their own house rules and kids make up creative variations. But here are the basic shuffleboard rules:

  • Goal of the game: to get the most points.
  • The Dutch Shuffleboard contains 4 slots at the end of the almost 7 feet board. They are numbered 1 to 4.
  • There are 30 pucks to play with.
  • On your turn you shuffle all 30 pucks and try to get them equally into the slots.
  • The puck needs to cross the front of the slot bar to be counted.
  • The pucks in the slots are being stacked and the pucks outside the slots are being returned to the (same) player for the second attempt. He shuffles again all the pucks that were left over from his first attempt.
  • And this repeats itself until the player has had three attempts.
  • After the three attempts the points are counted.
  • You score the most points if you equal the amount of pucks in every slot.