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Dutch Shuffleboard is a game that is loved by many people of all ages and we would like to call it a shuffleboard for all, because this shuffleboard is a tabletop boaplay dutch shuffleboardrd that you can put on a table and you’re ready to play. No big space consuming table, no huge investment, just a wooden board on your table, friends around it and have fun.

Fun, exciting and affordable for everyone! Shuffle for all is born!

In the Netherlands they call this game “Sjoelen” or “Sjoelbak”. It’s a very old game and it is played in many different places, like bars, schools, houses for the elderly, churches, community centers and in family houses. It’s a great game for game nights, family reunions and rainy days.

Learn about the history of the game on our page about the Dutch Shuffleboard History and become an expert of the rules and the way you play on the page about the shuffleboard rules.


You can also watch some awesome Youtube shuffleboard video’s of people playing this game. Some of them are really good and some are just very young learners, but all are excited about it.


What’s so special about the Dutch Shuffleboard?

In these times of computers, tablets and video games, a lot of families are struggling to stay connected with each other. They hardly have time to see and speak to each other because of all kinds of activities/ chores and their own gadgets.

Our motto is: Families that play together, stay together !

This game is the ultimate whole family game, because the children of 6 years and up can challenge their parents and siblings in this exciting game. So gather your family together, put the board on the table and play. It is fun to watch your opponents play and score, but who can reach the best score?

Family around the table, excitement all over…..good, fun quality time together with this old-fashioned, but classic game.


The Dutch Shuffleboard is a great game for all, young and old can enjoy a challenging game of shuffle. Challenge your friends or yourself, but watch out, this is addictive!

The shuffleboards from Shuffle4all are hand-made in the Netherlands in a factory that creates the original shuffleboards used in clubs and leagues. Heemskerk sport is the producer of these high quality products and they are imported from the Netherlands to the USA so the people in America can discover this big hit from Europe. See here our imported Dutch Shuffleboard products.